What is KAPAP?

KAPAP is the core of all Israeli Martial Arts, and one of the most effective Martial Arts in the world, KAPAP is a proven self-defense combat system for any one seeking real world defense techniques.

Today, The Israeli Martial Arts Center, is the only one to teach self-defense in Roseville according to the IKA – International KAPAP Asocciation_MG_3086

In Roseville KAPAP-Krav maga we not only trains you

physically, but also develops the mental discipline

for managing violent confrontation and situations of

extreme stress.

You will develop more awareness

of your surroundings and the skill and

confidence to defend yourself against any form

of attack. KAPAP training brings a noticeable

difference in concentration, strength, co-

ordination and self-esteem.

KAPAP is practical system of self-defense that

anyone can use, of all ages and all levels of skill;

men, women and children.

_MG_3306.jpgKAPAP is a hebrew acronym for Krav panim el panim: Krav – as krav-maga – one of KAPAP branches, means combat, panim is the hebrew word for face – face to face combat.

KAPAP (and afterward Krav maga) developed in the early 1900’s and adopted by Israeli special forcese. KAPAP techniques are constantly evolving! as it has to face the streets of today.