KAPAP -Krav Maga Home

Simple – Powerful – Effective

In today’s reality everyone need to learn self-defense. Learn how to protect your self and your family.

We are offering One on One classes in Grass valley, Sacramento and Oregon house

This is where KAPAP – Krav-Maga SEMINARS comes in.

  • KAPAP  is the mother of Krav-Maga and the ultimate self-defense system  from Israel, for all ages and all levels of skill; men, women and children.
  • KAPAP – Krav maga Improves your confidence and self awareness.
  • KAPAP – Krav maga classes gives workout a meaning! and it is great workout!
  • KAPAP designed to be a simple and effective way to end a fight, should there be
    no way to avoid confrontation.

Discover and develop your inner and outer strength in KAPAP-Krav-maga 

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